Supported sqlite extensions

Information on json1 and fts5 support in the generator

Note: Since drift_sqflite and moor_flutter uses the sqlite version shipped on the device, these extensions might not be available on all devices. When using these extensions, using a NativeDatabase is strongly recommended. This enables the extensions listed here on all Android and iOS devices.


To enable the json1 extension in drift files and compiled queries, modify your build options to include json1 in the sqlite_module section.

The sqlite extension doesn't require any special tables and works on all text columns. In drift files and compiled queries, all json functions are available after enabling the extension.

Since the json extension is optional, enabling it in Dart requires a special import, package:drift/extensions/json1.dart. An example that uses json functions in Dart is shown below:

import 'package:drift/drift.dart';
import 'package:drift/extensions/json1.dart';

class Contacts extends Table {
    IntColumn get id => integer().autoIncrement()();
    TextColumn get data => text()();

@DriftDatabase(tables: [Contacts])
class Database extends _$Database {
  // constructor and schemaVersion omitted for brevity

  Future<List<Contacts>> findContactsWithNumber(String number) {
    return (select(contacts)
      ..where((row) {
        // assume the phone number is stored in a json key in the `data` column
        final phoneNumber =<String, StringType>('phone_number');
        return phoneNumber.equals(number);

You can learn more about the json1 extension on


The fts5 extension provides full-text search capabilities in sqlite tables. To enable the fts5 extension in drift files and compiled queries, modify the build options to include fts5 in the sqlite_module section.

Just like you'd expect when using sqlite, you can create a fts5 table in a drift file by using a CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE statement.

CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE email USING fts5(sender, title, body);

Queries on fts5 tables work like expected:

emailsWithFts5: SELECT * FROM email WHERE email MATCH 'fts5' ORDER BY rank;

The bm25, highlight and snippet functions from fts5 can also be used in custom queries.

It's not possible to declare fts5 tables, or queries on fts5 tables, in Dart. You can learn more about the fts5 extension on