Packages contributed by the community

Do you have a drift-related package you want to share? Awesome, please let me know! Twitter or via email to oss <at>simonbinder<dot>eu.

Conflict-free replicated datatypes

Conflict-free replicated datatypes (CRDTs) enable synchronization and replication of data even when offline. The sql_crdt package by Daniel Cachapa uses the sqlparser package from the drift project transforms SQL queries at runtime to implement CRDTs for databases. The drift_crdt package by Janez Štupar provides a wrapper around this for drift.

Storage inspector

Nicola Verbeeck wrote the storage_inspector packages, which allow you to inspect your app's persistent data in JetBrains tools like IntelliJ or Android Studio. This includes drift databases, but preferences or secure local storage are also supported.


The drift_db_viewer package by Koen Van Looveren is a package to view a moor or drift database in your Flutter app directly. It includes a graphical user interface showing you all rows for each table. You can also filter rows by columns that you've added to your tables.

Starting with Drift 2.13 and Flutter 3.16, this database viewer is also available in DevTools! Navigate to the "Drift" tab in DevTools and select your database class to view your database in Flutter's DevTools. No additional dependencies are needed for this.


Dhiman Seal wrote a package to export moor or drift databases as csv files. The package is on pub.