web library

A version of drift that runs on the web by using sql.js You manually need to include that library into your website to use the web version of drift. See the documentation for a more detailed instruction.


Interface to control how drift should store data on the web.
Dart api wrapping an underlying prepared statement object from the sql.js library.
Dart wrapper around a sql database provided by the sql.js library.
sql.js module from the underlying library
Experimental drift backend for the web. To use this platform, you need to include the latest version of sql.js in your html.


PortToChannel on MessagePort
Extension to transform a raw MessagePort from web workers into a Dart StreamChannel.


initSqlJs() Future<SqlJsModule>
Calls the initSqlJs function from the native sql.js library.


CreateWebDatabase = FutureOr<Uint8List> Function()
Signature of a function that asynchronously initializes a web database if it doesn't exist. The bytes returned should represent a valid sqlite3 database file.
WebSetup = FutureOr<void> Function(SqlJsDatabase database)
Signature of a function that initializes a SqlJsDatabase before its used by drift.