renameColumn method Null safety

Future<void> renameColumn(
  1. TableInfo<Table, dynamic> table,
  2. String oldName,
  3. GeneratedColumn<Object> column

Changes the name of a column in a table.

After renaming a column in a Dart table or a drift file and re-running the generator, you can use renameColumn in a migration step to rename the column for existing databases.

The table argument must be set to the table enclosing the changed column. The oldName must be set to the old name of the column in SQL. For Dart tables, note that drift will transform camelCase column names in Dart to snake_case column names in SQL.

Important compatibility information: renameColumn uses an ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN internally. Support for that syntax was added in sqlite version 3.25.0, released on 2018-09-15. When you're using Flutter and depend on sqlite3_flutter_libs, you're guaranteed to have that version. Otherwise, please ensure that you only use renameColumn if you know you'll run on sqlite 3.20.0 or later.


Future<void> renameColumn(
    TableInfo table, String oldName, GeneratedColumn column) async {
  final context = _createContext();
    ..write('ALTER TABLE ${context.identifier(table.aliasedName)} ')
    ..write('RENAME COLUMN ${context.identifier(oldName)} ')
    ..write('TO ${column.escapedName};');

  return _issueCustomQuery(context.sql);